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Quality of services is very important for patients, but along with these services they need other things that will affect their final results of treatments. One of them is a sense of trust. But how a patient will trust in a hospital?

For example, consider a patient who needs to kidney transplant. More than 3000 kidney transplants (in accordance with the international standards) have been performed in Moheb hospital. So many scientific papers also have been presented in this regard by our specialists. Are these enough for you to trust in Moheb? Surely, patients will trust in specialists who do these operations repeatedly. Moheb is a professional center dedicated to these operations.

Also More than 3900 cardiovascular surgeries, 31000 angiography & angioplasty operations (in accordance with the international standards) have been performed in this center during less than 4 years. The good results of surgeries and treatments resulted in patients' trust in Moheb.

Now, Moheb is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses and good services provided for patients.

Story of My Kidney Transplantation in Moheb Hospital

Patient's name: Hossein Ali Shahad

  Country: Iraq, Baghdad

  Reason of traveling to Moheb: Kidney transplantation

  Phycisian(s): Dr. Hossein Nejadgashti, Dr. Mohammad Javad Soleymani



 Ali's Story in Moheb Hospital


I'd suffered from kidney disease for many years. I travelled a lot of country to treat it but each time I faced with a lot of problems. For example I went to Apollo Hospital in India. They had some strange rules and asked me to bring all of my family's members to sign the satisfactory letter for the surgery. So I could not continue my treatment process there anymore. One of the other hospital that I referred was American Hospital in Beirut. They wanted me more than 65000$. Money was not my problem, although it was so expensive. Their treatment process was so long, so that my kidney donor passed away.

  Then I came to Iran. I visited different hospitals. Unfortunately, I noticed that these Hospitals had not any systematic or regular treatment process, even in some of them they themselves were not sure what they should do. As I entered to Moheb Hospital, I was introduced to the head nurse of the ward which is responsible for Medical Tourism. Her name was Pary. Her explanation about the details of kidney transplantation was so clear and obvious that I began to trust on them.

  Here everything is excellent. Dr Hossein Nezhadgashti is a good man. He introduced me a surgeon, Dr Soleymani. He also was a good man. The nurses here are very kind and completely know how to care the patients. Pary would visit me every day and inquire my conditions. I trust her too and l will never forgot her kindness.

  In my idea, Moheb Hospital is the first in Middle East and it is as well equipped as the American Hospital was.


Ali's Father letter to Moheb (English)

  Dear staff of Moheb Hospital

 Following the release of my son, Ali, after kidney transplantation surgery, I am writing to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your superior care. I'd like to particularly thank from my dear brother Dr Nezhadgashti and Mrs. Khosravany for their cooperative sense and relentless efforts. We also admire your great attention to "humanitarian mission". I wish you success and prosperity in the service of science.


Truly Yours,

 Hossein Mashad, Ali's father


Spine Surgery in Moheb Hospital

Patient's name: Halima alwardy

  Country: Iraq

  Reason of traveling to Moheb: Spine Surgery

  Phycisian(s): Dr. Vahid Tari



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